“In over 14 years that I have worked with Zoran, I continue to be impressed by the depth of his knowledge and exceptional ability to garner physician support needed to foster a culture of innovation and maintain the highest quality, safety and efficiency of patient care. As a leader, he collaboratively creates a compelling vision of the future, involves relevant stakeholders early in the planning process, identifies improvement opportunities from a broad perspective, and formulates effective strategies to overcome challenges and achieve ambitious clinical, research and educational goals. Zoran persistently drives for sustainable outcomes, confronts problems promptly and shows a great deal of organizational savvy while acting with the highest level of integrity. The needs of our patients come first in everything he does on a daily basis. He builds high-performance teams, provides necessary focus, fosters open communication, and creates an inspiring work environment in which people feel respected and valued. Zoran is always willing to help and he takes time to provide support, coaching and mentoring to team members and colleagues across multiple disciplines. He works effectively in ambiguous situations, demonstrates adaptability, patience and flexibility in the face of uncertainty, and often sees ambiguity as an opportunity for developing creative solutions to intricate issues. With a proven track record of success and leadership excellence, Zoran has been instrumental in building an integrated quality management system that will further position our organization as a leader in patient safety, quality of care, research, and innovation. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such a consummate, generous and trustworthy professional.”

Dr. Manohar Shroff, MD, DABR, FRCPC
Staff Neuroradiologist
Ontasian Chair of Pediatric Radiology
Professor, Department of Medical Imaging
University of Toronto / The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario

“I met Zoran when he joined the Board of Directors of the Registered Nurses’ Foundation of Ontario (RNFOO). His presence brought an immediate energy to the Board. Zoran offered insight and perspectives that were refreshing and invigorating. As a professional with expert knowledge on and skills in quality management, project management, and particularly strategic planning, Zoran was voted in as President of the RNFOO. Zoran became the first non-nurse to lead the Foundation. As President, he was a truly visionary leader. Standardization of many processes were introduced through his leadership; he was really great at inspiring us and motivating us to embrace change for the better. Zoran is always supportive and willing to listen. It has been a privilege working with Zoran in our volunteering capacities.”

Leinic Chung-Lee, RN, MN
Board Member, 2010-2019
Chair, Infection Control & Prevention Awards Committee, 2011-2019
Former Co-Chair, Awards & Scholarships Committee
Registered Nurses’ Foundation of Ontario

“While I have known Zoran for several years through his Quality Improvement work at SickKids Hospital, our closest association was during his appointment to the Board of Directors of Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario (RNFOO); a charitable entity supporting nursing education and research through annual scholarships and awards. He brought new perspectives and vitality to the Board and soon was unanimously endorsed as the President. His leadership focused not only on the business and fiduciary responsibilities, but also on Board development and effectiveness. Zoran introduced standards, structured processes and quality outcome targets. His knowledge of governance mobilized the Board and inspired strategic focus on measurable goals. Monitoring progress was a key strength and his leadership was exemplary. He was highly respected for his values-driven skill, energy and commitment to Board members and the overall functioning of the Foundation.”

Janet Rush, PhD, MHSc, RN
Executive Healthcare Consultant
Hamilton, Ontario

“Zoran is a highly respected leader whose capabilities and skills are recognized and sought out by health care professionals across the organization. He is also an exceptional subject matter expert in multiple disciplines, great educator and an effective communicator who is able to clearly convey his message to a varied audience. Zoran co-chairs the Quality Assessment and Improvement Committee and is a driving force behind many successful quality, safety and process improvement initiatives. Zoran creates a positive work environment conducive to teamwork, provides ongoing coaching and inspires others to work to their full potential. Zoran recognizes the broad implications of issues, identifies key strategic opportunities, facilitates strategic planning process, and prepares powerful, persuasive business case proposals. He helps various interprofessional teams take a proactive and structured approach when developing innovative treatments and technologies, building infrastructure, advancing education, conducting research, and improving quality of patient care. With his keen mind, extensive knowledge, enthusiasm, and strategic mindset, Zoran is an invaluable asset to our leadership team. I look forward to our continued collaboration and to the many projects that are still awaiting Zoran’s magic touch.”

Ellen Charkot, M.R.T. (R.), BHA
Director, Diagnostic Imaging and Vascular Access (Ret)
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario

“While continuing my professional development through a distance education course, Mr. Zoran Bojic was able to provide a wealth of information and guidance to me. As facilitator, he was able to supplement and complement the course material with his own personal knowledge and experiences. Mr. Bojic highlighted the importance of quality management in today’s healthcare environment and shared ways to implement and practice this in any medical setting. He responded quickly to my questions and provided constructive feedback based on my assignments and final exam. Mr. Bojic took his role as instructor seriously and I would not hesitate to take any other courses under his leadership.”

Sherri Pinkerton, Radiation Therapist
Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I’ve known and worked with Zoran for over 20 years. He is one of the most committed and passionate leaders I’ve come across! His bias for action to solve problems and implement sustainable processes and systems is second to none. His drive for knowledge and pursuit of perfection keeps Zoran current in the latest theories, tools and applications allowing him to continually challenge the status quo and achieve break-through results in everything he takes on. Zoran has a rare capability of being both an academic as well as an experienced hands-on leader solving problems on the operations floor with a roll-up your sleeves practical approach.”

Glenn Sommerville, MBA, P. Eng.
Managing Director
High Performance Leaders Inc., Kitchener, Ontario

“I have had the privilege of working with Zoran for the past 12 years within a complex tertiary care hospital setting. I have always been impressed with the high levels of positive energy, accuracy and work productivity he consistently demonstrates. He develops meaningful measures of organizational performance, designs efficient work systems, drives organizational changes to enhance patient safety, and provides expert information and guidance to clinical staff on the appropriate application of various quality improvement methodologies. Through his strong leadership skills and broad technical expertise, Zoran is able to transform the most complicated strategic plans and business cases into clearly defined projects that become logical and relatively easy to accomplish. His website is just another example of the vast multidisciplinary knowledge and experience that he is willing to share with others.”

Albert Aziza, MHSc, BHA, MRT(R)
Senior Manager, Image Guided Therapy (IGT) and MRI (Ret)
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario

“I had the pleasure of working with Zoran on a project management optimization initiative for the Hospital for Sick Children. In a team of project management professionals grappling with how to streamline our tools, he stood out as an independent thinker who challenged the status quo while artfully facilitating great team discussion. Zoran’s human factors experience and design sense were another value add when it came time to present our ideas. The result was a much more efficient and principled approach to planning small projects that was adopted throughout the organization.”

Avery MacLean, MA, PMP
Senior Project Manager, Research IT
Toronto, Ontario

“I have had the pleasure of working with Zoran for the four years, two of which in his role as President of the Registered Nurses’ Foundation of Ontario. Zoran has embraced the role of leader of the charity and has proven a quick study in the issues surrounding charity management.  He quickly identified areas of improvement and worked collaboratively with his fellow board members to implement efficiencies and measures of success. He has shown an openness to new concepts and ideas and garners the support of key team players to drive us to the next level.”

Alison Toscano
President, First Stage Enterprises Inc.
Association management company for RNFOO

“I have found the Human Factors in Patient Safety course to be extremely helpful in my roles as Workplace Safety Representative and the Chair of the Work Environment Analysis Group. The course has given me the background, language and confidence to take the lead on, develop and implement a number of new initiatives for a safe and efficient work environment in Radiation Oncology. The course was well structured and the instructor provided timely feedback from assignments, with additional insight added. I found the recommended textbook to be appropriate and congruent with the course materials. It seems for me, that the right course came around at the right time in my career. Thank you.”

K. Moran, BSc BSc RT(t) CTIC
Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Zoran has been an integral part of the core planning team for the international Toronto Open Dance Championships sanctioned by the Canadian DanceSport Federation (CDF) and recognized by the National Dance Council of Canada (NDCC). Zoran brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of planning, coordinating and running highly successful special events. His demonstrated ability to foster effective teamwork, communicate critical information in terms that are easy to understand, set high standards of performance, and improve client satisfaction define his professionalism and exceptional interpersonal skills. He has the unique talent to find humour in any challenging situation, resolve disagreements and provide innovative solutions to keep project milestones on track. Through a powerful blend of leadership and technical expertise Zoran provides valuable guidance on how to successfully manage complex projects, minimize risks and create truly memorable events.”

Zilvinas and Aira Vaidila
Owners, Dance Life Studios
Toronto, Ontario

“For several years in a row, I have had the pleasure of working with Zoran on my GlamourRoom Exhibition which is one of Canada’s biggest ballroom costume sale events. As a first time event planner, I did not have all the prerequisite knowledge and skills to turn my artistic ideas into a cohesive event theme. Zoran was amazing in making me understand the importance of conducting market research, designing the event experience and using sophisticated project management methodology to plan, execute and control complex on-site logistics. I loved how he helped me develop contingency plans to minimize the potential impact of multiple internal and external risks. Zoran was also instrumental in developing standard metrics for measuring the success of my events. And most importantly, he helped me perform a post-event analysis to identify what needs to be done to improve future events. With his influence and attention to detail, I was able to build upon the success of my events.”

Anna Borshch
Professional Ballroom Dancer, Instructor and Choreographer
Toronto, Ontario

“This website is a reflection of Zoran’s exemplary work ethic and professionalism as well as his zest for continuing education and development. It presents an excellent resource to access his real-life, hands-on career experiences and learning in key management areas embraced today by successful corporations, large and small, in the aerospace, quality, health and safety, and medical fields. His straightforward and practical approach to teaching and problem solving is refreshing.”

David Zeitoune, BASc, PMP, P.Eng
Senior Engineering Manager, Fortune 100 company

“Zoran is a true professional, with a personal flair. Always responds in a timely manner, with attention to detail in every response. His knowledge base is exceptional, yet he never makes you feel like a beginner. I learned a great deal and I definitely recommend taking one of his courses to take advantage of his vast expertise – you won’t be disappointed!”

Jennifer Schmalz
Medical Radiation Technologist
South Bruce Grey Health Centre, Ontario

“I found the Fundamentals of Quality Management course augmented my prior knowledge of QM, and introduced me to new concepts. I was even able to utilize some of the teachings during the course and Zoran assisted me with these personal and work related audits. I felt sometimes he wrote more about each assignment than I had, but his insights always benefited my understanding of the material. I am grateful for his quick responses and attention to detail throughout the course and beyond the curriculum requirements. I have taken many distance education courses over the years, and Zoran stands out as the best instructor so far because of his deep commitment to the student. Thanks!”

Shirley Bague, RTMR-RTR-ACR

“Having completed the Fundamentals of Quality Management, I feel much better equipped to step forward in my career as a Diagnostic Imaging manager. Zoran was a great asset to the curriculum. His evaluations of the assignments were very detailed and he was always willing to share additional information and knowledge that would be of benefit both academically and professionally. Thank you Zoran.”

Nicole Deveau, RTR, CTIC
VP Clinical Applications, AMIS
Bedford, Nova Scotia

“The Fundamentals of Quality Management course content was relevant to the ever changing challenges we encounter in Medical Imaging. The tools discussed are a solid resource for those assuming a leadership role in their field. Thoroughly enjoyed it!”

Patti Shirkey, ACR CBI
Regional Director of Diagnostic Imaging
Five Hills Health Region, Saskatchewan

“As a member of a healthcare team, I see challenges that our healthcare faces on a daily basis. The importance of applying performance improvement initiatives is paramount in succeeding to provide the highest of quality services at any level of any discipline in the healthcare system. Fundamentals of Quality Management course provided me with necessary knowledge, skills and tools to champion change and achieve desired results.”

Jason Barker
Medical Radiology Technologist

“When I signed up for a course on healthcare performance improvement methodologies, I was unsure how concepts relating to organizational practices and culture could affect me on an individual level. However, the course greatly increased my understanding of information processing, communication, errors and their prevention, teamwork, and patient safety improvement strategies which has shaped me to be a better healthcare practitioner. Each individual improvement betters the organization as a whole.”

Heather Giovannetti, MRT(T)
Alberta Health Services

“I completed Zoran Bojic’s course, Fundamentals of Quality Management last fall. This course was very well organized with straight forward reading. The assignments brought a new perspective for me as a lead in my department. I look forward to using the “fundamentals” to unify our teams and make patient care the best it can be.”

Allison O’Donnell, MRT (R) (MR)

“I have just completed a course delivered by Zoran and it was a pleasure to be able to share some of his vast knowledge on Quality Management. I now feel very well equipped to apply the methodologies I have learned from him to look at process improvements in my immediate work environment and to take on new projects.”

P. Warden, Ontario

“I took Fundamentals of Quality Management and thoroughly enjoyed the online course. Zoran’s communications were friendly and helpful: on each assignment I was provided with thoughtful feedback and further information on the current topics. The course material was well organized and easy to understand. I would not hesitate to take another course offered by Zoran and look forward to doing so!”

Deborah Elliott, MRT(N)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Fundamentals of Quality Management course. It offered an informative view of different practices to help improve management practices in many healthcare roles.”

Joey F. MRT, Calgary, Alberta