Projects and Initiatives

Projects and initiatives undertaken at all organizational levels are generally used as a mechanism to achieve strategic goals and objectives. The projects of strategic importance have far-reaching ramifications that far outlast the lifecycle of any particular project. To increase the likelihood of success, interprofessional project teams need to use adaptable Project Management methodology that involves a systems approach to planning, executing and controlling the projects. Project Management methodology provides the robust structure, focus, and control needed to meet project specifications, balance competing demands, facilitate change, and achieve desired results on time and within budget. Seamlessly integrated Lean Six Sigma methodology is essential to drive undesirable variation out of the system, improve efficiency and effectiveness of work processes, minimize waste, optimize the use of resources, and create value from the viewpoint of patients and other stakeholders. It is also important to develop a standardized framework for effective multi-project coordination, create an integrated human resource plan, clarify roles and responsibilities, and secure adequate financial resources while ensuring sustainable performance of existing operations.


Strategic Projects and Initiatives