DMAIC Methodology

DMAIC represents a structured, systematic and data-driven problem solving methodology focused on driving breakthrough improvements of existing processes. DMAIC is an acronym for the following five phases of Six Sigma improvement: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. As the backbone of Six Sigma, DMAIC enables a wide variety of organizations to identify, test and refine permanent solutions to recurring or highly complex problems. The five interconnected DMAIC phases should be rigorously followed, particularly if the root causes of problems are not apparent, potential loss exposures for the organization are significant, solutions are unknown, or the safety of patients, staff and visitors may be at risk. Since DMAIC does take time, effort and resources, some of the phases may be skipped if there is an obvious solution to the problem based on reliable data or the risks are negligible and contingency plans for potential unintended outcomes are in place. In combination with Lean tools and techniques DMAIC provides a synergistic, integrated and highly effective approach to organizational performance improvement.